0.8kw to 1.5kw spindle upgrade


I have a 0.8kw water cooled spindle that I installed several years ago. My water pump died and I would like to upgrade and simplify my system.

Looking at replacing it with a 1.5kw air cooled spindle. Mind you, I have an upgraded z-axis and upgraded motors.

Looking to get opinions from folks running 1.5kw spindles (or bigger). How does your machine handle it? Noticed a real improvement?

Thank you

I recently contacted inventables regarding the maximum weight of the upgraded Z axis as I too am looking to upgrade my router.

This is the answer I was given:

“He mentioned that the upgraded Inventables Z-Axis is extremely capable. It has been tested to over 40lbs spindle weight, which is far beyond what anyone would likely bolt to an X-Carve.”

I have a Makita that I have had for years and never really used that much. It weighs 7 lbs, 2.25hp takes a 1/2" collet, and has a RPM low of 8k. Its going to be a great upgrade for me and should not have any problems.

Wow, 40 lbs, that is impressive. I should be good with the 1.5kw then.