!000 mm table on order

I suppose, I will be looking through the forum a bunch, to try getting up to speed , sooner, than later .

A little about myself
20 years experience in wood door finishing/refinishing. Typically its entry doors, at homes. We take on the jobs, no one can handle or has the ability to complete right . I wanted a table, to add another product/service to my line up. Plus I am a tinkerer and just love the thought of creating cool stuff. I have done some searching and saw some table ideas, but is there an area here where I can see several different designs? All in one area?

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I would love to see the type of work that you do. It sounds very interesting.

Welcome to the group!

Thank you

One example of a before and after. The customer wanted tit to be more rich, without making it too dark.

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I love this door and all the detail. I drool over being able to do stuff like this . I was really happy with the results . We have a few finishes to choose from. This just happens to be one of our natural looking finishes

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These are absolutely beautiful

Thank you. Wouldn’t it be cool to simulate at the second one in a miniature size? One of my thoughts for my new machine

Instead of building a custom table, up front, I found this table at a used office furniture store. It’s about 30x50 or so. It is sturdy and height adjustable . I will build a top for it at 4x6 Not sure about a torsion table at first. I am not understanding all of it right now. I think if I can get the machine built and start playing with it, I will come up a table design I want, for work flow and build it then