1.0c and probing in easel.... with the Arduino!

You have to go through machine setup with 1.0c installed and tell it that you have a probe. That means that some of your GRBL settings will be reset (if you have custom features or a calibrated machine).

In the setup, there is an Advanced settings option to set the thickness and whatnot.

I can’t find that menu anywhere else except the machine setup. Maybe that needs to be accessible? Looking at you @EricDobroveanu :smile:

That menu really should be available under Machine Inspector or something.

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Hey all,

We understand and appreciate your frustration with this and are looking into a solution.

For the record, going through the setup doesn’t erase all of your settings, only the ones that pertain to whatever step of the setup you are currently on. For example, when you submit your machine configuration (size, leadscrew, controller etc) we will write to the soft limit value (based on rail size). We’ll also change the steps/mm of the leadscrew based on the selection. and so on. We do not erase all your settings (equivalent to sending a $RST=*)



Yeah, that makes sense. If you have a bunch of custom settings on the registers that the setup changes, then you’re right they’ll get blown away. My point was that not every register is changed/reset.

Next is direction mask (doesn’t work currently for changing)

We actually have a fix in the works for that! :slight_smile:

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I’ll modify my earlier post to clearly state that not all the settings are reset but only some of them that may be customized depending on the setup.

Thanks for looking into this!

I always take a picture, before so I can restore any settings. I work maintenance and I always take a picture before I take anything apart.