1/16" and 1/32" Bits other than Inventables bits

As many may already know, the inventables bits are all a pile of shit!! i am at my wits end with everything that has to do with my machine and I am just ready to sell the damn thing. Some names I am trying to cutout requires a a really fine bit such as 1/16 or 1/32 inch. But these bits can’t make it all the way through the 1/2" wood I am cutting. Does anyone know where to find some decent bits that are these cutting diameters as well as ones that have a cutting length longer than half inch? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!


You probably won’t find any that have a longer reach than that. You can find 1/16" that’ll cut 1/2" depth. Plywood and MDF will not actually be 1/2" thick, but a little less.
As for 1/32" end mills…you’ll just break them if they are 1/2" LOC.

You might consider laminating two 1/4" pieces, rethinking your design, or sell the X-carve and use the money to fund a 120W CO2 laser purchase. You’ll need to come up with the other 95% of the money, though. :wink:


Could you share your project and someone else may have an idea of how to resolve your problem?
I’ve tried a 1/32" bit 4 times and broke all 4 of them. The last one broke after I installed the bit I hit it with the wrench. The 1/16" bits should work, I use the 1/16" fishtail all the time to cut out MDF
Good Luck

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Sorry for the delayed response. I work second shift and I don’t really have time to get online during the week between the gym and then working late. I was trying to cut out the name Ryleigh in the picture provided and it has really thin lines. And the thinner lines of the tails kept breaking.

If the material is breaking off becasue the letters are to thin that’s got more to do with the font, material and the way the material is held down to the waste board. I have never tried the tape and super glue method but have heard great things about it. Paw Paw has some videos on the glue and tape method, that might fix your problems.

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Awesome!! Thanks Russell!! One last question, when it comes to the path where you are clearing out a pocket. Is there a way around not having the bit grooves in the bottom of what is cutout. After it is complete, you can seed a bunch of grooves, os this an issue with a bit that only has 2 flutes, or is it just something I will have to deal with, and just sand it with my detail sanding sticks afterwards?

Thanks for your help,

The groves could be a lot of different things, does the router chatter when you’re cutting? Is the router parallel to your waste board? Proper belt tension, make sure the V wheels are tight. You’re going to get some groves using the XCarve but they should be able so sand out.

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