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1/16 Bit info please

I am looking to cut 1/2 MDF with a 1/16 or 1/32 bit. I have not been able to find an upcut bit that size. I am extremely new to this. Am I wasting my time or is there such a bit

Welcome to the forums. Are you just wanting to cut thru a piece? I think most people would use a 1/8" or 1/4" for cutting clear thru. Depends on what you are doing.

Maybe this will work for you? Just remember that you need to consider the width of the tool when milling. You will not be able to take the entire 1/2" DOC in a single pass.


Brandon Parker


This one is 3/16 long and straight:

I am cutting out letters, some are fairly small

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Thank you, I ordered the Amana one, hopefully it will do the job

Any reason that you are trying to use an upcut bit? I’ve found that the tear-out on MDF at the top is quite bad when using an upcut bit vs a downcut.

I think I have that same one. You’ll be cutting it really close on through-cuts with standard 1/2" MDF from the big box stores. I’d recommend continuing to cut most with 1/8" and only using 1/16" for any small details.
If you need smaller than 1/16" in half inch MDF, you probably want to re-look at your design or save up for a 100W laser.

Chip clearing. Faster feed, greater DOC, higher MRR.