1/16" bit not long enough for 1/2" material for box making

Hi. I am trying out the box maker app with 1/2" baltic birch plywood. My 1/16" bit cutting length is not long enough. What do I do? Where can I get longer cutting length 1/16" bit? If I try 1/8" bit, I don’t think I’ll get the corners and stuff.


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Ebay, Amazon…

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Dogbone the corners, or clean them up with a chisel or saw or knife.

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If you can’t get them perfectly squared like you want try a dovetail saw

Cutting bits are generally not made with more than a 4:1 aspect ratio because beyond that they become very easy to break when side loaded. If you do manage to find a 1/2" long 1/16" bit, be prepared to cut really slowly or you’ll just snap it. As others have suggested, dogbone the internal corners with a 1/8" bit.


Thanks everybody. I’ll try with 1/8" bit and dog bone. Then I can use old fashion chisel and hammer to square up the stock.

Also, has anybody ever down hinge mortises using CNC for boxes. Or may be holes for barrel hinges.

You are going to want to do one or the other, not both. If you dogbone, there would be no need to chisel the corners but you will have semicircles around the corners of your joint. Otherwise, just set it to cut outside and then use a hammer and chisel to square up the radius that the bit leaves in the corners.

Oh ok. That makes sness. I’ll show my daughter both see what she likes. It’s supposed to be a Harry Potter theme box.

what is this box maker app you speak of?

There are a number of them listed here: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Online_resources#Boxes

It’s an app in Easel.

I use the xcarve to cut hinge mortises from time to time but I just jog the machine with pic sender instead of truly programming a tool path. Easier than a chisel and more accurate than a hand held router on small stuff.

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Thanks JK. Is Pic Sender much easier and better than UGS? So if I understand right. You go to start position lower bit to surface using arrows then turn on the router lunge down a bit the move across just using arrows?


After using ugcs for a time and having occasional issue, I tried picsender. Not regretting the money spent one bit.

What you said is pretty much true, but in moving it with the jog arrows you can set your move distances and also the travel/feed speed. If I wish to move 7/10 of an inch I can set it for .70 and push the button once or .10 and hit it 7 times. I like to make larger moves that come shy of the desired mark then reduce my move distance dramatically and sneak up on it.

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Got it. Thanks for your help. I’ll look into the Pic Sender. I use bought Charley Thomas’s Zero plate and he uses Pic Sender as well.

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