1/16 Bit Where good place to find?

Anyone know where is a good place to find flathead/square 1/16 bits? Seems to be hard to find on Amazon and ebay. 1/8 seems to be the most often to find.

Not these?

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Prefer for wood. I like the fish tail ones. Thanks guys.Where you guys buy yours from?

it’s not 1/16 but… Lately I’ve been using a Diablo 3/32 two flute straight bit that I got in-store at the home center for about $12. It fits in a 1/4 inch collet.

Don’t do that.

I think @AlanDavis was referring to Drillman on eBay.

I realize that they say soft plastic, but I use them almost exclusively in wood.

If you want fishtails, these are available in 1.5mm (.0591")

Please explain why.

Click the link in your message.

Still didn’t get it. I use to buy everything from this guy and never failed.
if you are talking about price\ yes it has been cranked up since my last purchase I can see.
But if you buy packs it is good price. Single bits are expensive. You are correct on it.

Aahhh I got it. The link on my post scrambled. :rofl:

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NeilFerreri1 drillman.com is a Chinese site?

I didn’t post that. Looked like it redirected to something that has nothing to do with CNC. That’s why I posted the link to drillman1 on eBay. I assumed that’s what he was referring to.

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