1/16 end with 1/4 shank

Trying to find a seller, preferably UK that sells 1/16 end mills with 1/4 shank. I’ve tried searching but not had much success.
I’ve got the inventables 1/8 bits to 1/16 and 1/32 but hate using the precision collet it’s forever getting stuck so would prefer to have all my bits as 1/4 shank.

Freud has 1/16" straight flute bits with 1/4" shanks (Freud 04-096).

Thanks, I’ve had a look. Ideally I’d like a slightly longer cutting length on the 1/16 section , suppose I’ll have to make do with the precision collet :frowning:

Have you tried


I know they are not in the UK but I have bought some tools like that from them for use in plastics and I think they ship internationally its worth a look

just be careful you breath on those tools to hard and they break lol

I buy all my bits from toolstoday, they don’t seem to stock the bit I need. It I’ve emailed them any way.

I’ve been woodworking and using routers for the last 14 years and this precision collet on the dewault is the only thing I have problems with.

When removing the bit, I loosen the collet nut which comes completely off, the collet and bit are stuck fast. I can pull the bit out with pliers but the collet takes some serious force to get out and i am certainly not over tightening just a slight nip of tightness when doing up and the collet is stuck every time.

so here is what I would do on the collet issue

I would call the guys over at www.precisebits.com

they make the collets that inventables sells and talk to them about the issue they are very knowledgeable and will help you out

also I would measure the diameter of the shanks on your tools to make sure they are at spec

I bought a full set of metric collets from a seller on amazon the other day and all I really need was the 12mm one and I have the same issue my 12mm shank tool does not even fit in the collet

I second the Freud bit. They can be had from Amazon at about $15USD a piece.

oh yes it took me a couple weeks to figure out that the collet needed to snap into the nut lol newbie mistake oh well lol

This was the precision collet and nut I got when I ordered through robosavvy. There is no way the collet can snap into the nut.

In the picture posted the collet is in the standard nut, is that right?

ehh idk man can you flip the nut over so I can see inside of it

also I do not think that those are made by precisebits

do they have the t&t logo on them?

Robosavvy are the UKs distributor for inventables, on the nut it says M15-10 then the t&t logo

It should snap in. If it is not, something else is going on. The collet appears to have taken some damage.

oh okay yeah see this bit in the pic I believe this is the snap ring where you collet snaps into

looks like you have some pitting on the collet also I had the same problem I can’t remember what they said the problem was but its not supposed to happen

So how has everyone one else managed to snap the collet in the nut. Without some hammer work I can’t see how it would fit in.

I have used and love the precision collet. as with any ER style collet you need to insert it like it shows in the instructions and when inserted correctly it will snap into place and your problems will be solved.

if you do not insert as shown in the directions when you tighten the collet nut it will force the collet up into the router and when you remove the collet nut the collet will stick in the router and be hard to remove.

the damage you are seeing is consistent with forcefully removing the collet from the router after is was installed wrong. I would try to clean the edges of the collet and insert it correctly into the collet nut.

best of luck.

P.S. it is a real shame your collet has been damaged like that. they really are the best way to go. I also use ER style collet in my mill in the class. of course they are much more expensive than the ones for the Dewalt.

Well I certainly feel stupid now!

Had a quick look this morning and it does clip in. I’ll do some test cuts later to check it