1/2 in collet

Can I put 1/2 in collet on xcarve

Will 1/2 last longer than 1/4?

Is it more sturdy?

well, if you can find one made for your router / spindle then you can put it on there,…

a 1/2" shank would be stronger and have less deflection, but even with the 1/4" shank the x-carve belts will stretch before you see any deflection from that 1/4" shank.

So unless you want a 1/2" shafted bit because you can’t get the cut style of the bit in other sizes, then I’d say it’s overkill and you’re spending more for that bit than is necessary…

The size of the tool can be adjusted. If the diameter of the chuck hole does not match the tool, it will cause a weak phenomenon.