1/32 bit broke when homing

Broke two bits last night and I watched it happen, pissed me off…

When doing a two stage bit and switching to the 1/32 the bit broke when homing on the smart clamp. It just kept pushing down on the switch and snapped. No issues on other bits homing properly, it does appear that the smart homing switch does need to be pressed more than usual or more than when I first bought the Carvey.

Do I have a bad homing/smart clamp? Any fixes?

Thank you.

I believe they said that a buildup of dust under the clamp causes some issues so try blowing it out and see if it helps correct the problem?

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I’ll look at it, I just started a carve with a 1/8 straight bit and it had to push down pretty hard on the button, the entire moving tray actually was forced down a bit before the homing button sensed the bit.

There was sawdust between the sensor and metal push button, after cleaning and reassembling I’m still getting the same problem where it is just pushing too hard.

The switch in the smart clamp is known to fail, do a search to see the previous cases.

Contact support and they will send you a new board or 2 and if you mention that you broke they will probably replace them as well.