1/32 downcut bit

i just bought a new 1/32 downcut bit i am going to try to do some engraving on a cutting board.
before i use it , wanted some advice… how fast do you guys suggest i cut with it at lets say .02" depth ?


First, measure the bit. Just because it says 1/32 doesn’t mean that it is.

Based on the general rule 1/2 diameter for dpp I would not cut more than 0.015 per pass.
I have never cut with smaller than 1/16 and used the easel recommended settings.
Also you may want to by a few more of those for spares.

I’ve used 1/32" and a .0197" bit. The 1/32" I think I used 35ipm, 6ipm plunge, and .01" depth per pass.

Small tools like that are very sensitive to runout, I suggest you get some WD40 and Q-tips and clean the collet and collet capture in the spindle before you start.

You may also want to resurface your spoil-board to be sure everything is nice and level. A very small inconsistency in height will snap the tool instantly.

Or even better, find yourself a nice tapered tool with a .5 mm tip. It will last 100X longer than the straight 1/32 tool

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Allen , awesome info, thanks!

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