1/4” Chipbreaker

Can we use 1/4” chip breaker bits with xcarve? Using Dewalt 611, standard 2021 1000mm xcarve what depth of cut and feed would you think the machine is rigid enough to handle with a chipbreaker?

I see people claim 80ipm and 3/4” depth of cut with a 1/4” chip breaker but I struggle with that idea on xcarve. I just don’t think the gantry and spindle mount are rigid enough for that.

Any experience using them?

Not an exact value answer, but id start conservative and increase settings while staying cognizant for chatter or lost steps…

I do agree that those settings are exceeding the capabilites of the pre nov 2021 xcsrve, the larger steppers, wider belts, and linear rail z axis can certainly take more l9ad than the older version…

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