1/4” to 6mm adapter

I have the Dewalt 611 router. For Christmas I got a nice 60 degree v-bit, however, the shaft is 6mm. It fits lose in the collet and there is no way I would be able to use it without an adapter. I found one at Drill Bits Unlimited for 17 bucks. Any of you bought this adapter by any chance? I don’t want to through money away if it’s a piece of crap.

Don’t waste the $17 buy a real 6mm collet


You will get back the cost many times over because 6mm shank tools are much less expensive than 1/4 inch.

I looked there earlier, but didn’t know they had the collets. LOL I take it the DWP-2362 will work. Thanks a bunch.

Elaire will do custom sizes too upon request.

Yes the DWP-2362 is the 6mm collet for the Dewalt 611.

I run a Kress spindle and had the same thing happen. My 60 V bit is a 6mm shank and the 1/4" collet won’t snug tight enough to keep it from slipping up and down.

I’m going to buy the 6mm collet for my Kress. With locking nut it’s around $30.