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1.5KW Spindle Feasibility

It is still working just fine. The machine managed to do 140 of these boxes, without complaining or anything breaking.

Sure one can play with both max rapid rate and acceleration settings with a heavier gantry. The added weight of the 1,5kW spindle MAY cause slight sag on the gantry, so keep that in mind and support it if it is so.

What spindle did you get exactly? How much weight did it add to your carriage. I’m thinking about the ‘mysweetie’ one on Amazon.
Check this out at
MYSWEETY 110V 1.5KW Water Cooled Spindle Motor CNC Spindle Motor +1.5KW Converter + 65MM Clamp Mount + 13pcs ER11 Collet + 5M Water Pipe + 110V Water Pump

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Hey Tom. It’s been two years. Do you still have this setup and is it still running ok? Thanks.

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