1/8 bits vs. 1/4 bits?

Hello Everybody. I am very tentatively heading toward purchasing an X-Carve. I’m a bit gun shy because of past experiences with a laser engraver where I could never master the software program. My first (of many I’m sure) question is…Are there any benefits to purchasing 1/8 bits over a 1/4 bits?

i have both collets and I purchase both sized bits.

I find the heavy quarter inch bits are less prone to breakage and can make more aggressive cuts. This may be useful for hogging out a lot of waste material such as when making a dish or bowl.

I use small 1/8 bits when I want to cut fine detail or if I am cutting between parts where I don’t want to waste a lot of my material.

Awesome, Thank you! That is exactly the information I was looking for.