1/8" Dewalt precision Collet replacement

Anyone know were replacements for these can be found other than Inventables? Mine is wore out

Jan had recommended this last year, this may be an option


Dec '19

Don’t mess around with adaptors.
Get one of these and your problem will go away.

precise bits make the precision collets that inventables sales.


from the drop-down you have 3 levels of precision to choose from. I would choose the middle precise as the machine is not much more precise than that.

I have also used both styles and full sets of collets.

there is no comparison between them in my opinion, I never liked the factory style collets, always gave me problems.

Never have had an issue with the precise collets, never stick, never loosen, always easy to change out.

I always say you get what you pay for. you want really good and precise equipment get ready to pay for it as it is never the cheap way out.

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Thanks! I have not had any issues with mine until now, I believe it is just wore out it wont stay in the nut.

do you still have the eccentric ring in the nut that holds the collet in place?


that would be whats missing! now to figure out how to get a new ring. I ordered a new collet will see about the ring as a backup for next time