1/8" end mill vs 1/4" collett with DeWalt 611

I have a question about the collett that comes with the DeWalt 611 and the 1/8" end Mills that come with the X Carve package. Is it true that you also have to buy an 1/8" collett to start cutting? Perhaps I’m confused whether you can start cutting with the package that I will be receiving. I’d appreciate any info you can give me about this.

The 1/4 will not work with 1/8” bits. You need a separate collet. Or god forbid an adapter. “I puked a little just typing that.” @PeteJensen has a set of precision 1/4” , 1/8” & 3/16” for sale.


Ignore this post. I bought my X Carve from Matterhackers and it includes the 1/8" collett in their package. Just got sent out to me today.

Good deal. You’ll eventually want to get a 1/4 to up your arsenal. Happy carving.

There is a difference between, the 1/8" adapter that inventables includes with the 1/4" collet of the router, and the an actual 1/8" collet. Either the Precision one that inventables sells, or the one from Elaire.

I have the one from Elaire and it is working well for me so far. My only comment on it, would be that it is a little loose. When I loosen the collet nut, the bit actually falls out, sometimes before I can catch it. Bad when a very sharp 30deg Vbit point hits the table, or your finger. (ouch)