1/8 inch bit with 1 inch cutting length recommendation

I have an approximately 1 inch this piece of wood that I like to make a profile cut in. I used a 1/4 inch bit to cut it, but I would like the detail of a 1/8 bit without having to flush trim. Any recommendations?

what type of wood are you cutting?

and are you cutting all the way through the material or just dado cutting

Depending on the wood you are cutting and if you are just doing a light finishing pass

I would recommend these

  1. this is a foam bit but should produce a decent finish in wood number is #46562


  1. if you can get by with a slight angle .01 deg you can use this one and it will also be decent for a finishing pass # 46292


as a general rule you never want to go over x4 times the diameter of the tool because they get extremely fragile and will break easy

you can carve 1/2 way down on the top side of the material and then flip the piece and carve the rest of the way through if you do this you can use a shorter more stable tool

Awesome. For some reason I was having trouble find the right spot one there website. Thanks for the links. I am still learning when to use which bits to use when. Also,I am cutting solid wood poplar.

With a good quality collet and endmill flex isn’t that bad.

I’ve always liked:


(listed at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Endmills#Long_endmills )

Do you pretty much need Vcard to do a 2 sided cut?

I have the Amana Tool 46292 pictured above and it’s a great bit. I’ve used it for deep cuts and it works well.

But I agree with everyone here that you don’t want to use it for a 1" carve. I’ve driven it just past 0.75" and it was really close to the wire. I would not recommend pushing it further.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a bit with 1" CEL is not going to be suitable for material that is 1" thick. You need at least some of the flute above the material if you want to get chip ejection.

one thing that you can do and its pretty common practice is if you need to get into a tight spot

you can neck the tool

basically you can take a couple thousands of the shank of the tool so it will not rub

but this requires a lathe lol and I still dont recommend going over x4 times the diameter of the tool it you can help it but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do


idk man i have to agree to disagree on that kindly.

A very common practice actually for certain situations and taking a couple thousands off the tool is not going to effect the integrity of the tool by much only a few thousandths of a inch is what you need