1/8" Upcut/Downcut Combo bit supplier?

Anyone know of a supplier for 1/8" Upcut/Downcut combo bit with 1/4" shaft?
I’ve been using the Inventable 1/8" combo up/down cut bits which have a 1/8" shaft. and would like to change to 1/4" shaft to reduce the need for changing coupler with each bit when doing projects with 1/4" bits

Try Drillman1 on ebay… If he hasn’t got it then it might be hard to find

Thanks - yea, no luck. Guess I’ll just keep swapping my couplers for the bits for now.

Thanks - for some reason no one seems to make a 1/4-shank 1/8D Up/Down bit. Wish Whiteside would combine the RD 1600 and RU 1600, I like Whiteside bits

@ErikJenkins thanks, pricey little guys. Perhaps I’ll keep swapping bits for a while

Whiteside UD1602 seems to be what you are looking for. Suppliers seem to be scarce though.

@JeremyHanks thanks for the pointer on the Whiteside UD1602, I like the Whiteside bits. I just broke my 3rd UC bit from Inventables. Again a gear piece broke loss from the tabs and snapped the 1/8 diameter bit right at the coupler. Just like the other two. Yes, I could break the whiteside also, but it doesn’t seem to take much to break the Inventable bits offered. Just an observation.