1 Month & still waiting

So i’ve ordered on the 23th of may, the X-Carve sent to me on the 30th of June.
Got to Israel on the 3th of July (that was fast!!!), got “Processed” on the 15th (that one NOT fast) & today the post office tells me it will take up to 16 more days till they will call me to the customs…

This is a warning to everyone from Israel wishing to buy one - use the UPS option & not the USPS!

till then i’ll continue collecting project ideas from the ones not that unlucky…

Man, that’s seriously obnoxious! Gotta love USPS.

Good luck with it, you’re really going to love it when it shows up!

The Problem is not the USPS (from US to Israel in less then 3 days) - but the Israeli post office that got hold of it since then…
If i ordered with UPS - it would bypass the ridicules Israeli Post Company.

Makes me less likely to complain about the price of a us postage stamp!

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