$10 in GRBL 1.1f

$10=1 is the default for version 1.1f.

Changes were required of the G-code sender programs with the changes to the user interface in version 1.1f

Is she using a sender that supports 1.1f?

Im who is having trouble. I just downloaded the newest UGS everything is so messed up now. When i try to set up the homing switches, z moves down just a little then stops. Nothing else happens.

Most of the time that is a loose wire in the Z axis.

If you know how, post the $$ output from grbl here.

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Is there an alarm state in grbl? Could be an issue with noise / false triggers.

Post your $$ output like Larry suggested.

Upgrading GRBL, sometimes, can corrupt/erase your configuration and it needs to be reset to fix the problems.

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The default for $122 is 50. Her’s is set to 300, but she has the standard ACME rod value in $102.

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Sorry all. Spent a couple hours on the phone trying to get this working. I’ve switched over to sourcerabbit (just on the demo to test it out because on UGS I didn’t have the option to change my steps for z. It was grayed out). Anyway, problem in sourcerabbit now is that I can’t move more than one click of the mouse in any direction (any value- .25, .01 etc).