$100 Gift Card

Who else just received their $100 gift card email? Time to go shopping me thinks


Got mine yesterday and already spent it. Thanks Inventables!

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Got mine. Hopefully my machine comes in the next week or two…

I haven’t received mine. Hopefully they are sending them out in waves.

No sure if you are aware but they send it by email.

If you ordered on the 9th, you get it on the 9th. Order on the 15th, card on the 15th…so if you waited till New Years Eve…you gotta wait a LONG time! :grin::smirk:

They did say you’d get the gift card next month which means a month after your purchase, right? :thinking::thinking:

(I’m only stirring the pot, I don’t know if any of this is actually true)

Can’t a man have some fun with eager people and getting their stuff? Geez!

All the gift cards have been issued via email. If you’ve not received yours, please contact our Customer Success team at help@inventables.com or (312) 775-7009.

Hmm…not likely that it happened. The gift cards were sent from a third party program (MailChimp), not our servers. The two events are likely unrelated.

You may also need to check your spam folder. It may also be in your “Promotions” folder if you have Gmail.

Contacting CS is the best route if you’ve not received your code, as Bob did.

Thanks for this information. I just called and was told that they would send it out now.