100% traced image import

Why is it that every time I import a traced image that is 100% the measurements on my computer I always have to resize it before I can carve it? I would think that any image that is on your computer and you have gone to all the trouble to get it the correct size when you import it to easel pro it would be also the size you made it. These images that I am importing is from a scan I did from a piece of paper that I drew a drawing of. If the drawing is say 4.50in x 6 7/8 that’s what it should be when imported.

Can someone tell me how to do this or if it can be done.

You seem to be mistaking how measurements work in computers.

When you scan an image into your computer, the image software you’re using (e.g. photoshop) will enable you to set the size of the image. It’s stored in the header of the file, including dimensions but also dots per inch. When you import the image into Easel, it honors the data in that header.

So, you need to look at your software to see what settings you’re using before you bring it to Easel.

Best bet is to import a vector file, i.e. *.svg or *.dxf. Image files don’t really have “dimesions” as much as “resolutions”.