1000*1000 for sale SE Texas

Thinking about putting my machine up for sale. I’m updating to a much larger setup and will not be needing this one.

Comes with the upgrade z axis, single gantry, taller end plates, limit switches, 4 tb6600 drivers, 6 axis board, Nena 23s. Mach3. Tool touch off plate for tool changes. (Let’s you set the z zero once, then auto zeros all tool changes after that)

Mach 3

Looking for 1500, no computer, or 1750 including computer with mach3. I’m in Southeast Texas, willing to ship for actual cost.

Morning, Where in SE Texas? How long have you had it? Could you send a picture or two of it. Jawal@cox.net

Thanks JW

Some pictures and video of the CNC:

Video of the Semi Auto tool change

I’m interested in a 1K*1K unit. is this still available?


Interested. Located in Houston.