1000 MM X-Carve For Sale

I am in Central Georgia. Willing to do a halfway meet (depending upon where you are).

My X-Carve was purchased in early 2019 and shelved, still in boxes, until approximately February 2020. The reason was illness, first my husband (surgery and recovery) and then me with something to docs are still trying to figure out.

I have used the machine, I love the machine but I don’t feel it’s going to be used to its potential as I originally intended (I was planning on starting a business with it as the core). Life changes have caused me to decide selling it is the best plan.

It has the entire package because when I ordered it I didn’t cut any corners. I’ve also got a lot of extra bits of different sizes and types. Too numerous to go into here.

I paid $2000 and am not really sure what to ask for it.

It’s in great shape, gently used and I’d love to see it go to a place where it can work.

So please message me with questions.




I am in New Orleans and have been looking to purchase a setup. How far would you be willing to meet up? I am assuming the CNC is all put together. Please let me know. I have seen deals ranging in price range but if we can arrange a meet up someplace halfway, we may be able to reach a price in which is fair. Please let me know

I am very interested in this product and would be willing to drive to meet as well. Feel free to email me at evan.l.meadows@gmail.com.

Im in North Ga. Im interested if you still have it.

Hi all. I’ve decided to take my machine off the market. Since it was kindly moved to the correct forum I can’t edit it.

Thanks everyone for your interest. I just don’t have the time to work on this right now.



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