1000 x 1000 for sale near Charlotte, NC

Complete operating system including:
Custom bench that accommodates tool box and waist board storage
Full vacuum table
Stiffened Y axis rails
Custom clamping system for rapid waist board changes
Modified Suck-it dust shoe
Hour meter for tracking brush wear
Code controlled router switch
Touch Probe
Spare Dewalt router and extra brushes

The system has been used primarily to produce acoustic instruments and has never been pushed hard. Repeatability is within a few thousandths. The bench is designed to be disassembled for transport. The vacuum table pulls a vacuum right through standard 3/4" mdf and holds thin, flat material very firmly (you can’t shift it manually). The small Shop-vac that pulls the vacuum is not included. Price without tool chest is $2300. With tool box it is $2500.


Still available?

The machine has been sold. Thanks

i may have one in greensboro nc if your interested

I could be interested. what the condition and how much are you asking?

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