1000 x 1000 X-Carve For Sale Central Arkansas-Local Pickup

I bought this brand new a year ago (07/2020). I have the invoice to prove it. I set it up and have only used it twice. I just don’t have the time to learn it and deal with it right now.

This machine comes with the Z probe, X-Carve Dust Kit, Side Waste Board, and toolkit.

The machine is currently together and I will not ship. Local pickup only.

Asking $2,300 OBO. Includes a few Amana Tool Bits (AMS-231 Blueline 5-pc CNC Starter Set). I paid roughly $3,000 for the machine. I’m in no hurry to sell it. Must have cash in hand.


Couple of questions. It is currently all calibrated and cutting accurately? It has all components included that are needed to get to work? Also, would you be willing to meet me half way between central and northwest AR?

Yes, it is cutting accurately and comes with everything needed to operate.

I will not meet. You will have to come here and have help loading it into your vehicle. This machine is completely assembled currently. Depending on vehicle, you may not have to disassemble anything and carry it out in tact.

I’m in an apartment now and it’s quiet enough to use, I just don’t have a space to store wood nor do I have the time to mess with the machine between work and my daughter.

Would you accept $2000?

I’ll take $2,100. That’ll take off $200 for your travels.

What town do you live in and can you tell me the rough dimensions? I will see if I can get someone to drive down with me Saturday to help load it.


It will have to be after 2pm when I get off of work.

Dimensions are roughly 52” x 40”

Okay, will come down Saturday early afternoon. What is the best way for me to communicate? I assume posting your address on this forum probably isn’t preferable.

SOLD* Thanks!

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