1000 x1000 XCarve for sale Western Clorado

I am looking to sell my 1000x1000. I’m in Grand Junction CO. It has just about all of the upgrades. Comes with the vacuum connection, frame strengthening, probe, and limit switches. Asking 1900$.

This still available?

Available? Shipping to okc?

Is the x carve in good shape?

I am very interested and live in colorado springs. would be willing to drive out and pick it up if I could see it running and whatnot.


Still available. Sorry, just been busy with it. Been carving out stars for American flag unions. Just busy as all heck and it won’t let me respond via email… If you would like to ask questions, the best way is to email me. Eric86Hampton@gmail.com. Thanks guys/gals.

Plus I’ve gotten a new wasteboard for it.

It’s still in good shape. Email me and I’ll get you my number.


Possibly. Email, and we can talk about it. Eric86Hampton@gmail.com.

I am guessing this has been sold??

It’s actually not been sold. I apologize for falling off of the planet. I try to respond via email, but that doesn’t work apparently. I have really gotten my machine working, to the point where I need it to keep building.
I have gotten pretty great at building American flags. I really want to upgrade, but I honestly can’t stop long enough to sell it.

Finished Flags

Anyone buy it? I am in Colorado Springs. I would be interested if it is still available.


I have an x carve 1000x1000 for sale in Meeker, not far from GJ. Asking 1900.

My email is adam@lifelibertywoodworking.com

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