1000mm Drag Chain

I have tried to assembly the drag chain to my 1000mm x-carve, and I think I know
how to assembly one. But the one that runs at the side I don´t knoe.
I can´t figure out how.
I think Inventables has upgrade the 1000mm x-carve without any pictuers on the site or any hints.

Please help me

attach a picture of the parts I can´t assembly

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I chose not to use the brackets that go in front. You have some options there

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Thank´s Ryan for the hints
Why did you not attach it to the end with brackets?

It looks like he didn’t attach it so that he could just run it through the hole in the desk. Just a guess…

Yes, I just liked it going through the hole instead of over the edge of my table.

Is it lose on the table ?

No. I put some screws through the holes in the last link of the chain

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Great idea

Can I copy that ? :yum:

Well I’m not gonna come stop ya. Of course

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That’s exactly how I did mine as well. Works great.