1000mm or 750mm X-Carve

So what is the actual carving field of the 1000mm and 750mm, I’ve been told you cant use more than a 24x24 inch area unless you buy vcarve pro, does the 750mm have a 24x24 carving area if so I’d rather go with the 750 due to being stronger due to shorter distances in the xyz axis and maybe save a couple bucks

Thank you how do I close this thread that’s all I needed to know, or should I leave it up lol

Oh that’s weird

I have the 750mm and @PhilJohnson is pretty close. I’ve never taken it to the maximum limit, but it is at least 21x21" Certainly less than 24x24".


Jonathan, are you a member of the group on Facebook “CarbideCult”? It’s a private group for custom car audio, a lot of guys have CNC routers as well as router tables with lifts. Absolutely amazing projects posted daily. Go BIG! I recommend getting the 1000mm and beef up the Y rails with brackets, the new X rail is stout as compared to the previous gen, also the V-Carve Pro you save $200 on at time of purchase of your machine (they let me buy it a month later when my machine finally shipped in Nov. '16). If you do custom boxes as well as custom trunk panels I think you will want the bigger machine, the possibilities of the X-Carve are endless.

I’ll have to join it and check it out, I started my business last year and am 21 years old always looking to expand in different ways and a CNC machine is a great investment for me with car audio and more unfortunately I still work full time to pay my bills as car audio doesn’t cut it yet but it can only get better its a rough choice of business in my area

You have the opportunity to set your self apart from others in your area (not sure where you’re at). I’ve owned my Car Audio shop in Everett (Seattle) area for 9 years, business is growing and the CNC is a new cool tool that other car audio shops don’t have in my area. Download the free trial of V-Carve and play with it, watch all the tutorials as well. http://www.vectric.com/downloads/trial-software.html

I downloaded it earlier but since then have just been watching tutorials, I will be buying desktop to start with and pro if I feel I need more but with a brand new xcarve and software should keep a newbie like me busy for 6-8 months no problem


And I’m in the poorest county in NY state lol

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Use Craigslist to advertise, create a website as well, we have people drive 1-2 hours to have us work on their cars or boats.

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Well considering its not much more I’ll be getting the 1000 go big or go home right, what size table do you all have built for your 1000mm so I can build one and have it ready before I buy and it ships. Also my garage is attached to my home and is not heated only when I’m out there do you think moisture would really bother this machine through the winter and summer months should I look into some type of cover for it my garage gets dusty but I am buying the suckit dust boot with it

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I mainly use Facebook to advertise in thought Craigslist died a while back I don’t use it much anymore but its worth a shot for the few extra minutes it takes