1000mm Upgrade X or Y if on a budget

This is sort of a random question.

if you are on a tight budget, but want to expand the size of your machine (Mine from 500mm to 1000mm). Which direction would you expand first?

X or Y

I’m sure there are benefits for each but I’d like to see what everyone thinks about this.

Expanding Y would be easier. This is what I will be doing one of these days.

For the sake of around $40, I’d do both axes at once.
Having had to take my X-Carve apart a couple of times, the less often you have to do it the better.

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That’s the nice thing about doing just Y. You don’t need to take both axes apart. :wink:

For what I do, I only see a need for expanding one axis.

Expanding the Y axis would be more useful plus it’s easier to brace the extra length with brackets to the spoil board/extrusion which toy couldn’t do for the X axis.
Apart from the difficulty/expense of getting 1800mm Makerslide here in Oz, a bigger machine wouldn’t fit in my CNC shed!