1000mm work area rail kit?

So I just ordered the 1000mm X-carve minus the waste board kit thinking I could get it locally and I’ll just purchase the hardware from you guys.
This is not as straight forward as I thought

I looked around the forum and found different part numbers needed but some part numbers do not exist leaving me wondering.

I selected 1000mm rail kit option during purchase, does this encompass the needed rails for the waste board?

On the order page its list that waste board kit consist of :

1000mm Waste Board Kit - [Add $128.00]
Waste board with threaded inserts and hardware (clamps not included)

But on the Assembly pages It seems that I would need a rail kit not only for the waste board but for connecting the drag chain. Did I already purchase the needed rails or not is my question?


+++++from the assembly page++++++

1000mm Work Area
1000mm Waste Board Kit**
SKU Name Quantity
30537-01 Waste Board 1000mm 1
30517-03 Threaded Insert M5 144
25286-20 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 20mm 14
25281-05 T-Slot Nut M5 Pre-Assembly (Insertion Nut) 14

1000mm Rail Kit
SKU Name Quantity
26049-02 Aluminum Extrusion 20mm x 20mm Black 1000mm Lg 2
26049-04 Aluminum Extrusion 20mm x 20mm Black 958mm Lg 3
26018-01 Extrusion Bracket (Gusset) 6
25286-18 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 10mm 12
25281-05 T-Slot Nut M5 Pre-Assembly 12

Everything is included for the waste board in the rail kit. This was fixed due to everyone wanting to make their own waste boards


i ordered all the extra parts separately when i ordered my x carve minus waste board. are you sure about everything being included now? i was charged for the extra parts… but i guess maybe they just changed the pricing of the rails to reflect the difference?

Ah, by “everything”, I believe he is meaning that the support extrusions are included as well. I am reasonably sure you still need to buy the hardware to make the board, the threaded inserts and soforth. :smile:

Good read I don’t have to purchase more rails!
Here is the e-mail I got from CS:

If you plan to make your own Waste Board we have put together the following information for your review.

  1. The engineering files for the 1000mm board (http://bit.ly/1F7kaxH) and silk screen file (http://bit.ly/1Ho03vw)

  2. You’ll also need the hardware that comes in the kit

a. 144 threaded inserts, 2 bags of part #30517-01 (http://bit.ly/1DDUIxA)
b. 14 pre assembly insertion nuts, 2 bags of part#25281-02 (http://bit.ly/1J2ORGF)
c. 14 Button Head Screws M5 x 20, 2 bags of part #25286-15 (http://bit.ly/1qjpJQi)

Samantha Jo Alaimo
Customer Success Specialist

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