1000mm x 1000mm - Central Texas - Sold and Heading to it's new Home

Asking $1000 - I upgraded to the single piece x Axis last month, converted it to chain drive but there were no major structural changes so the belt parts are all here as well, I changed the base to a 20mm x 40mm extrusion setup to square it up even further. Added side braces on both Y Axis Maker Slides to keep the unit level. It is set up with a Bosch Colt router and bracket from Inventables - very easy to get a Dewalt bracket if that is what you would prefer. Not even a ton of hours overall, This machine is awesome it was a great learning experience I am looking for something bigger now since I have just bought my house and the shop is permanent and space is not a problem any more. I know a ton of people that make money off their units but I am not interested in farmers markets as much anymore - just for the fun aspect of it personally. The forum is always a blast so many great guys and girls out there, If anyone is looking for a 2nd machine or even a first I am In Central Texas if anyone wants to pick it up I can throw in the torsion bench I made for it along with the waste board… otherwise shipping will include me taking it apart I can and will take pictures mark parts as they are on the base and supports and condense into a large box to ship out. I have shipped Electric Guitars in roughly the same over sized boxes and it runs about $100-200 depending on weight to ship also would have to ship insured for your sake and mine. Let me know if you have any questions.

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I’m interested your machine. Where are you located? I’m in Paris and could come pick it up to save on shipping.

I am in Temple Only about a 3 1/2 hour drive

Here are more detailed pics of the machine set up - Also there are all the parts to go back to belts minus some screws and possibly one spacer that can be gotten off of Inventables pretty cheap but it is fully operational as it is. I will also disassemble and ship minus the waste board and bench if anyone is interested, pick up can have the waste board that is on it now, even the original waste board with the t-nuts in it and bench if so desired.

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I have decided it is December and many people have money in presents and such, I was hoping to have it cleared out by now willing to drop to $800 but it really needs to be soon. If I do not sell it by Christmas I am just going to tear it down and store it in a box.

I’ll buy it for $800 but I don’t know if I can get to Temple before Saturday. Does that work for you?

I have someone looking at 11am may be sold. Pending sale…

Glad this unit is going to someone that will appreciate it!