1000mm X 1500mm upgrade "complete"!

Whats new:
Cutting area 30"x50"
Hall Effect Sensors (added cool lights?)
Spindle Relay
Steel Supports for the Y-axis (Still want to add more)
Wide Makerslide X
3d printed “suck it” dust shoe
Z Probe (ok its just a 1-2-3 block)

What is left to do:
Waste board for the entire build volume with T track
cnc4newbies Z slider (ordered yesterday)
Y dust guards
A version of Phils controller

Very excited! Ordered some of these parts a year ago, yay life!

Off to do some calibration!

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yep, just ninja edited.

Had to get a little creative with the wiring as open builds version of the makerslide doesn’t allow for limit switch screws or terminal blocks.

Very nice upgrade, I barely have room for the 1000 x1000.

I put the xcarve in my basement, the rest of my tools are in the garage. Due to room issues :stuck_out_tongue: I really wanted to do 1/4 sheet stock.

ROFL 1/4" sheet rock. My shop started as a 14’x 16’ shed 3 years ago. Since then I have already added 10’ by 16’ onto the front and have started adding 10’ x 26’ on the side. Still don’t think it will enough room.

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