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1000mm X-carve for sale. Panama City Beach, Fl $2200

Runs perfect, has never had an issue. Selling it to make more room for dad time. I removed the original wasteboard and made one out of birch plywood, that way I could attach it to the workbench better, making the machine more ridged. I used it mostly for engraving small brass placards. It also includes:

  • J-Tech 2.8W laser w/3D printed mounts
  • Openbuilds aftermarket z-axis
  • Vacuum attachment
  • Tons of bits
  • Extra belts, z-probe, homing switches, clamps, extra brushes, and more.
  • Also includes the wood plaques, aluminum, and brass plates in the picture.

Hi Franklin, is the X-Carve still available? Thank you. Also do you have the original wasteboard?

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