1000mm X Carve on its way

Hello everyone. First off I’m new to CNC but not woodworking. Me and a buddy decided to buy a X Carve and try this CNC business out for ourselves. He is the designer and currently will be running off Easel and Visio. I am just looking for any suggestions and tips. What should I look for once the X Carve arrives and anything I should go ahead and get before it gets here. We will want to do 3D so what software should we invest in or look into? This is all just questions in the air and looking for advise from you all that have already done this step. Thank in advance and have a great day.

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You will want Vectric Vcarve either desktop or pro. Download the trial and watch the training videos.

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Thanks for the tip

what should you look for?

  • The obvious since this was left open so broad is damage and that you have all your pieces.
  • Check out the instructions and New Brits workshop videos. They are a huge time saver in putting this together.
  • Look for a table/workbench solution and get it made ahead of time.

For 3d a lot of people like vcarve. You can also try out fusion360.

If you intend on making a business of this, I would spend some time making the designs now and seeing what bits will be used. Get some cheap trash bits that you don’t mind breaking and also get some good bits once you are ready. Vbits are a popular choice.

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It depends on what you mean by “doing 3D”.

Once the G-code is produced then the Xcarve can carve a 3D file.

If you want to design something in 3D Vcarve Desktop or PRO will not do it.

In order to design 3D items with Vectric products you would need Aspire.

There are several “free” programs that will allow you to design 3D items. Do a search on the forum to find more info.

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I would recommend V-Carve Pro (order from Inventables at a discount) and to start making a Torsion Box to put the X-Carve on.

You will always want to upgrade “this or that” with the machine, but I would start with focusing on the basics; good software and a Torsion Box to place the X-Carve on.

Looking forward to seeing some of your projects :+1:

Yea actually going to be tearing down an old work bench and moving a few things around in my shop this week and next. I plan on having a good down