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1000mm X-Carve Pro in Southern Alabama

Only used for hobby use for about six months. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good workspace to use it in. Comes with bits, Z-Probe, Side Board, Dust Control, Homing Switches, Tool Kit, Clamp Set, and Digital Calipers.

Willing to deliver as far as Montgomery, Tallahassee, or Pensacola. The X-Carve is in Dothan, Alabama.

Looking for 1800 or I will keep it in storage until I move.

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Is it still available

Is this still available? I am very much interested.

Yes this is still available

Do you have any pictures? I live in the Huntsville area and would love to be able to come down and take a look this week.

I zoomed in to the minor damage on the bed. It has the full vacuum kit as well, but not pictured.

Hey man you still have this?

Sure do