1000mmx1000mm X Carve for sale Arizona

I purchased my X Carve 4 months ago. I have barely used it. It has the DeWalt 611 1/4 collet, Nema 23. Just found out I’m moving and no longer have space for my shop. Looking for at least $1000 or best offer. I leave in Queen Creek .

it always help to add pictures when sale item

Hi, do you do shipping? I can pay for shipping.

I would not be able to do shipping since Ive brought the price down so much

so tempting… but i do not have the space for 2 xcarves. Have you listed on eBay?

Have you sold it? I’m interested

It is still available and im willing to talk about the price.


Was this sold? I’m on the west side of Phoenix metro area but would gladly drive to queen creek to pick it up.

It was not sold and is still available.

What is a good time/day to come see it and most likely take it off your hands? I work your typically ‘day job’ in central Phoenix so evenings or weekends work the best for me to come see it.

@MatthewMartindale You can contact me at 480-399-2283 phone or text to arrange for a time/date but if I haven’t heard from you this week I’ll likely just purchase a new one.

It is still available. We moved to Colorado so i stored it at a friends house. Ill talk with my friend and ask them when they are available to show it

@MatthewMartindale Any updates from your friend? You can have him just call or text me at 480-399-2283.


Do You still have the x-Carve ???
Please let me know
My Mail is wacawaca14@hotmail.com
Iam living in scottsdale az near queen creek

Do yo still have the cnc machine for sale?

Yes. I still have it.

Do You have a phone Number?
Can Send it to my Mail if You don want to post it Or Send me
The address so i can go and check it

Yes i will. Its at a friends house in Gilbert. Ill have them email you so you guys can arrange a time to see it.

Ok. Perfect … I Will wait for You or him contact me

I have cash $$$

Do you still have this machine. Live in QC and can come get it today!