1000mmx1000mm xcarve for sale in Bakersfield, California

Purchased 2017, comes with clamp set, extra belting, extra bits, used for only a handful of projects. Asking $1700

any more info ?

Bought it April 2017, it comes with DeWalt spindle, clamp set, many different bits, and extra belting. Have only used it a handful of times.

JimmyZ, would you be interested in a trade? If so, let’s talk via email.

Interested still available?

Yes it is

Is this still available?

Yes its still available

asking price ?


Gen2? What’s your bottom dollar? You can keep the dewalt. I’d be using it for a jtech. Pick up is 30 minutes away so no need to ship.

Yes gen 2, make me an offer

Are you still interested, I’ll let it go for $1500

I can get it new for that. I’ll do $1k

Think I’ll just keep it and add a laser to it

Ok. That’s not a bad idea. That’s what I wanted it for. I st my XC up on M3 and it’s a huge PITA to get M3 to run a laser.

Are you willing to trade plus some cash from me? I’m in Fresno and can drive to you.

What do you have in mind?

I tried to reply via email, but it failed. I have a Glock 17, 9mm with lots of extras. And cash on my part.

Email me at jimmy.zetino@gmail.com with more details if you don’t mind