1000mmx1000mm Xcarve for sale in Minnesota

I have a 1000x1000 Xcarve for sale. I did not get a spoil board and intended to make my own custom one, but never got around to it. It is just 3/4 MDF on there now and I have enough MDF for a second board as well.

I got it April 2019 and it had moderate use for a few months, then sat stored for 6 months or so, and then moderate use for a few months again. I really just did not get the use out of it that I expected I would, so rather than have it sit collecting dust, it makes more sense to pass it on to somebody who may use it more. I have a few assorted 1/8" straight bits and a couple V-bits as well as a small complement of spare belt material.

It is in perfect working condition. I currently reside in Duluth, MN and can discuss logistics of delivery or meeting somewhere if you are within a reasonable distance.

For sale: $1250 OBO.

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I’m not sure how to contact you directly. I just joined the community so maybe I can’t reach out directly yet. If you can contact me I am interested and am in MN.

I live in Duluth and sent you an email in case you are still interested in selling your machine.


I can’t figure out how to update my post, but this has been sold already.

Thank You,
Chris Kibler