I’m currently building the space for my future x-carve. I really am have trouble with the 4 feet projection into the room.

Is it possible to get a 750x1000? This looks to drop the needed depth substaintially.


As Bob said, order the 750mm version but, given you only want to go to 1000mm and there is a 1000 mm single piece X, I’d recommend that route. If you ever wanted to grow past 1000 mm, you’d have to go to two Makerslides for the X so anything past 1000mm, you want to do that in the Y axis because it’s easier to support and not introduce sag.

That’s just my opinion.

I’m working on my build right now and am using the 1000mm X rail and am going to custom cut my Y axis from 1000mm stock to around 32" to 34" to give me a work area of around 24" by 24". I am also running TWO linear slides with a Hitachi 12vc on the left side and a Makita 700 on the right side. I have done sag test using a digital dial indicator and have found a .0015" to .002" sag in the middle. More testing to be done.