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1000x100 For Sale in DFW, Texas w/ $500 GC

Fully loaded X-Carve for sale, with lots of extras, including lots of extra bits, clamps, and dust collection kit. In like-new condition - purchased in October 2021. Asking $2,200. This includes a $500 GC from Inventables for any upgrades or items you’d want. I’d also transfer my 3 year Easel Pro membership with this.

If you’d like more info, let me know!

You may run into an issue with Easel Pro transferability unless you, the new owner, and Inventables get together and work something out privately.


Brandon Parker

Thanks Brandon!

Kevin is this still avabile I live in Huntington, Texas. Near Lufkin Texas. I am looking for a second machine.

Hi Gilbert, yes it’s available. Sorry for the delayed response, the flu has been making its way through our family.

@GilbertDennis are you still interested?

@KevinDickard Is this still available?
If yes, what extras are included?
Very interested.