1000x1000 less than month old (virginia

I have put the machine together and carved a total of about 4 small signs. I just realize i have not time and the space this thing takes up is more room than i have in my town homes garage. I am just trying to recoup some of the money i have into it. i bought the fully loaded kit so it has all the upgrades in that kit. I don’t think 2,000 is out of the question since it is still like new but i am open to offers. i have a 15-degree,60 degree, and 90-degree v bits. I have a bunch of different size end mill bits ranging from 1/4 inch down to 1/32nd of an inch along with a few diff bull nose bits. I can get pictures to you of whatever you would like to see. i would prefer not to ship. if get the 2k ill even let the table built for it go with it. If want a fast response you can text me at 724 561 9806. Yes, it’s a Pennsylvania number but i am in the military and stationed down here right outside Virginia Beach so don’t think it’s a scam because of that. will accept almost any payment including crypto

@AdamThompson, you might want to remove your number and only provide it via PM when someone is interested. There are tons of people/bots trolling forums searching for email addresses and phone numbers to spam/scam.

If you could provide even a single image looking down over the machine with any ancillary bits and such on the wasteboard that might also help attract people.

It is too bad that I just plopped down the money for a front snow plow for my 2305 tractor as I live fairly close in Scottsville, VA…


Brandon Parker

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yeah, would have worked a deal with you and helped deliver halfway or something if wanted

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