1000x1000 wasteboard

Does the company make the boards? I just cannot see doing the shipping on these when I live 40 miles away from the company. They should sell parts out of the store. Crazy need to pay so much for shipping.

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you could always buy MDF and do a skim pass and make your own. Pretty sure I’ve seen files on here of people even having the holes for the clamps.

I well try look around. I like the no fuss no muss. But it just seems silly for shipping when I’m so close.

Contact them via the info on this site. They may be open to a pick up order … it’s worth asking. They have been very responsive.

Hi @KennethMaddux - the waste boards ship out of our warehouses out of state and we don’t have pick-up at our Chicago office. You can actually make your own waste board - here’s a help article about it.