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1000x1000 x-carve

seldom used ,comes with a wen planer ,jointer ,scroll saw plus milling bits.Located in arkansas
$2200 everything goes

I am interested what would you trade for

What you got

Is your X-Carve still available?
If so, where in Arkansas are you?

Please Advise,

I’m around the ft smith area and yes it’s still for sale

Hey James,

Thanks for getting back to me!
What all do you have for sale?

Please Advise,


Still waiting for your response?!?

Sorry bout that,planer ,scroll saw,jointer,x carve, several other things

Bits,I will throw in just about everything

Hey James,

Hard to bid on “several other things” and “just about everything”?!?
Do you have a list of what you are selling?

Please Advise,

1000x1000 carve
Wen 13 inch planer
Wen jointer
Wen scroll saw
20 or so milling bit
Table for x carve

Gallon of epoxy

Thanks James,

I have a ShopSmith planer, jointer and scroll saw
So, I would only be interested in the xCarve, bits, table, and all other xCarve items


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