1000x1000 xcarve For Sale Demotte Indiana

I have a used Xcarve 1000 x1000 with alot of upgrades for sale. i am in Demotte Indiana about 1 hr south of Chicago. PICkUP only as not sure how i would ship it.

Xcarve 1000 maxed out options when ordered. new - 1999
Triquetra Auto Zero - 78.95
Triquerta Y axis Plates - 48.50
Jtech laser and driver in a 3d printed safety window setup for quick on and off with glasses. -334.99
suckit Pro dust boot. - 119.50
suckit longer arms - 27.50
CNCNewbie 8" and a 1" longer front plate 259.00

total 2867.44 not counting bits and such.

asking 2500

item is SOLD! thanks