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1000x1000 xcarve wanted in Minnesota

Looking to buy a used 1000x1000 xcarve, I live in the twin cities area, I am willing to travel

I know it’s been a couple of months since you posted. Are you still interested in a machine? I’m toying with the idea of getting rid of my 1000x1000. I live in Duluth.

I did not get the spoil board from them, but it’s been a good machine so far. I just don’t use it like I hoped I would and it seems a waste to have it sit for the random occasional sign or wall art once a month.

I am considering purchasing one. How old is yours and how much where you thinking?

I guess I haven’t considered pricing too much. I paid $1700 including tax which came with two V bits and two each of 1/8 straight and spiral upcut. I’ve since broken one of the straight bits and needed to replace one belt. I have enough spare belt material to replace at least two more if needed.

The receipt date was 4/14/2019, and its realistically not had a significant amount of use. I used it occasionally for a few months, then it was stored for six months while I built a house and moved, then it has been used maybe 15 hours this year.

You can certainly make me a reasonable offer, but the number floating in my head was ~$1300. If you would like it and this is reasonable, I could always meet you halfway too so it’s not a 3 hour drive.

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Thanks for the info. Been doing more research on CNCs and I am leaning towards some other brands with ball screw drive vs the belts. So I think I am going to pass. But Thanks again.