11mm belt bracket tensioner

Hi you knowledgeable lot.
I have bought some 11mm Gt2 belt and pulleys to beef up my1000mm X Carve but despite searching everywhere I can think of I can’t locate a L shape bracket which will take the place of 6mm bracket used to tension the belt reliably.
I am wondering if anyone can point m win the right direction please for possible suppliers. Ideally in UK but can consider further afield if need be.
Look forward to hearing from anyone’s with information please.
Thanks very much in advance

Would anything like this work? Drill, hacksaw, and file as needed.


Thanks but really wanted to avoid the filing route if I can as needs a double slot to feed the belt through.
11mm new belt should give me double the “twang” factor instead of belt snapping after a few passes and ruining the crave

I wonder if a hole in the belt with a nut and bolt and couple washers would be enough to hold it in a bracket? Maybe a hole to mount it and a zip tie behind it? Or two plates clamping it down. Maybe use the x carve to machine the slots in a piece of aluminum square tubing. Just brainstorming.

Thank you for this suggestion but Bolt hole is about 5mm so that only leaves 3mm each side and I can’t see that would be any better than the 6mm belt I have removed.
I can’t use carve again until I have sorted belt.
There must be a tensioning bracket available somewhere but none of the 11mm belt suppliers seem to have anything

do you have a photo of the bracket you are talking about, I have not received my machine yet, it is supposed to be here monday… I work in a machine shop that we specialize making different parts. if i can see the part you are talking about maybe when i get my machine, i can do some measuring on the bolting patern and possibly make you one. if you would be interested in this…How old is your machine as well, so we know if the new part on my machine would be the same size.

Hi Donald
First of all my Xcarve is about 3 or 4 years old and came with 6mm belt
the current tension bracket is attached to each end of all th XY and Z axis and bolts down to the rails and also on an adjustable bolt in its upright to enable the belt to be tensioned by tightening the upright bolt if that makes sense.
For the life of me I can’t work out how to attach a photo to this message!!!
The bracket currently is 11 mm wide with 5mm tension bolt hole in the upright 8mm from bottom to centre of the hole
The two slots to feed the belt through are 6 or 7mm wide one slot 18 mm from the upright and the other 25mm from upright
The 5mm hold down bolt that fixes to the rails is 9mm from the upright part to its centre.
Is yours coming with 6mm belt and pulleys? If so maybe you will want the 11mm belt as well when you start working on it.
Cheers, Mike

To upload a photo click the icon with the arrow pointing up on the “Reply” dialog where you are writing you Forum entry. Then select a file from your local file system. It’s the 7th icon from the left.

Thank you for that tip
I have done this and if it works it should be attached now.
Cheers, Mike

mine was supposed to arrived yesterday, but it should be here today.
No need for a picture i found a pic of the bracket you are talking about.
I will try to pull the original bracket and get everything i need. I may just make some.
I will let you know if i get them done. I have no idea how long it will take to get my machine up an running. I am building a dedicated cabinet strictly for the x carve.

Lots of patience is required as there are lots of parts but it’s very satisfying when it’s all together and you do that first run.
I do wish you well with your project and hope it all goes to plan for you.
I did manage to upload the photo of bracket as you may now have seen in this posts.
All the best to you


Well, i just received mine here at work. I caught the FedEx driver to see if it was on the truck. So i will working on the table tonight and try to get it finished up and start digging in on this machine… Starting to get a little excited now… Thanks for the advice as well… I am a machinist so i am pretty used to being patient with things, so this should be fun for me.