12 hour carve....Should I be worried?

I am currently running a 12 hour long carve… should I be worried about letting my Dewalt run that long?

I have never run one for that long and I wanted to get everyone’s opinion.



What speed setting is the Dewalt at?

Currently running on 2. With a .25in bit, a 40in/min speed and .03 depth per pass… It is carving in pine.

Many of us eventually get into large projects, long carves, I have done over an 8 hour run but the router held up - Bosch Colt full speed and all, I would suggest checking in on it after every hour if you are not going to be in the area while it runs. If something goes wrong mechanically you will know pretty fast. I would suggest the pot’s should be voltage checked over a long run everything is tight and all it should be ok.

The machine can run at that speed for days. The potential problems are nuts and screws coming loose. Watch closely for vwheels getting loose or even the attachment bolts holding the z axis to come loose.

You can pause the project and check to be sure everything is tight. Then resume.

For the Pine carving, you can go much higher speed like; 100 ipm, .1" depth. RPM 3. It shortens time.
I’m trying to guess with no success. What’re you carving? What kind of projects takes that long.

I did some test pine at 3500mm/min 0.5mm DOC 50% stepover round bit stock spindle 400W
I had to run the cut with the grain