12 Hour Carve

I have a question. I am carving a sign and won’t be done for about 12 hours. How can I stop the carve and pick up where I left off on another date. I am currently using easel pro. The file I am using is unable to broken up into segments.

I am pretty sure the only way to do that is to pause it and leave everything sit there and idle until you come back. You need to make sure your computor does not go to sleep and hope you do not have a power outage. Someone else might chime in but i think that is all you can do if you can not break it up.


Press the pause button on the Xcontroller, turn off your dust control and walk away. Just leave the system turned on. Press the Play button when ready to begin again. That’s the easy way.

The better way would have been to record your starting point with a G28.1 command. You could then turn everything off. When ready to resume, you’d re-home your machine and then start your carve again…but it would run the entire thing from the beginning.

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One thing you can di is break up your carve into different work pieces. Check the file below. It was like 18 hours or something and I broke it down into several pieces to make it easier. You can do one or two, shut it down and then continue the next day.


There is absolutely no point in using G28 (or G30) here Home position (work zero) is stored already and with a consistent homing position (homing switches) or other reference point (3D Zero block or similar) you have all the reference and offsets you’d need.

However - the Pause/Resume workflow will will work provided the USB connection stay connected during the paused state. If it for any reason drop out, reference is lost and need to be re-established.
One quick way to check if connection have been good is to go into Easel Machine Inspector and write down the machine/work coordinates displayed there. If they are different when you want to resume then it has dropped out.
If its the same, you are good to go - start router/dust vac and press Resume.

Easel / Easel Pro do no support restart of a cancelled/aborted carve, other that complete restart at the very beginning.


Got it! Thank you…

Got it thanks. That piece looks nice. Any pics of it?

Thank you, I have not carved it yet, but I am looking forward to it.

If youi are brave you can open the g code file and break it into several pieces, inserting the appropriate starting and ending codes before and after each section. If you send it to zero’s at the end of each section you can just turn off everything and walk away, and start with the next file.